Fatten Up

Tube & Tape Saturation in a TRS Dongle

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A Powerful True Analog Processing Dongle

The Fat Jax SL is an innovative approach to audio processing. It’s incredibly portable, reliable and sounds great.

Each Fat Jax SL gives you a single channel of tube & tape style saturation in a remarkably cost-effective and portable dongle. The Fat Jax SL is simple to operate and is based on 100% analog circuitry that's passive and requires no power supply.

The Fat Jax SL is extremely versatile and portable, it's the perfect companion for both studio and live show work. It can be subtle and transparent or more aggressive when pushed hard.

Features & Benefits

  • Tube & Tape Style Saturation
  • Soft Clip Limiting
  • Adds Warmth & Fatness
  • 100% Pure Analog Circuitry
  • Passive - Does Not Require a PSU
  • Incredibly Portable
  • Simple & Easy To Use
  • Great For Tracking, Mixing & Live Performance
  • All Metal Construction
  • Works With ANY TRS Insert
  • Gold Plated Contacts
  • Engineered in the U.K. Made In China

Fat Jax SL is the original Tube & Tape emulation dongle. Tested in the studio and and on stage for over 30 years. There's nothing quite like it.


  • Studio Recording - Fat Jax Soft-Clip Limiting & Saturation is ideal for both tracking & mixdowns.
  • Live Sound - Fat Jax are great for live mixing due to their simplicity & portability.
  • Drums - Add immediate weight & fatness without worrying about time controls or damaging transients.
  • Bass - Grit, growl & weight are dialled in with simplicity like never before.
  • Guitar - Add warmth & get guitars to cut through the mix. Perfect with acoustic & electric.
  • Vocals - Presence & power with a perfect amount of warmth.
  • Synths & Samples - Add a real analog warmth & feel to your plugin or dial in dirt & crunch where you need it.
  • Brass & Woodwind - From subtle warmth to full on growl, gives you the power you always wanted.
  • Groups - Fatten up your drum bus or add presence to your vocal groups.
  • In Parallel - Mixed back in with a dry channel for a classic New York sound.

Product Photos

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All Metal Construction
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Sealed Passive Electronics
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Incredible Portability

Demo Videos

A brief introduction to the Fat Jax SL
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Tutorial & artist videos are on the way

3D Product Viewer & User Guide

Click and drag to the left or right to spin the product
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Click here to download the user guide


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